We’d love to hear what you have to say about your experience with Boccacino Heating on any of the popular review sites out there.  We keep our advertising budget as close to $0 as possible, because every dollar we spend on a billboard would be a dollar we’d have to pass on to you.  So it means so much to us for you to take a couple of minutes and share your experience on the digital platforms your neighbors are using, just like you!
Here is a bit of the feedback that has landed in our mailbox recently.  We are always happy when someone takes a few minutes and send a note to us the old fashioned way.
Thank you for taking the time to talk with me yesterday regarding our new furnace installed last week.  Having been in the retail business in Upstate New York for the past 40 plus years, I always feel that it is important to let those know who have excelled at their craft.

Every associate involved with the purchase of our new furnace from MRB has done just that; EXCELLED!

It began at the Home Show in Rochester.  That is the first contact we had with your company.  From the very first minute we were greeted by Gary, my partner felt comfortable with your staff.  She was hoping we could do business together.  She said it felt like a family business which is what we are.  We set up a time for Gary to come out and we stressed that time was of the essence since we had no heating system in the house.  Gary responded quickly, and got us our estimate in short order.

We got estimates from two other local firms [names removed].  We attempted to get a price from [name removed], but after coming out they never got us a bid or called us back.  Which seemed weird to me since they are the company that ended up doing the energy audit that was required by Energy Finance Solutions.  FYI.  My patience level for getting an estimate from any contractor is one week.  If you can not get that to me within that time frame, call me and let me know you need more time.  Gary got the estimate to me within that week.  He gave us three price options.

Your price was the lowest price, which made me a bit uncomfortable because I rarely take the lowest price.  But as I said earlier, Connie felt very comfortable with you folks, so I hung in there.  A visit to your office reassured me that the York model we were considering was a quality selection and that your company was a reliable firm.  So we made the choice to go with you.

It was a grate choice!  Rarely does one get the best price and receive a level of service that I feel could not have been surpassed by the other companies who were charging over thousands more.  But that is exactly what your company did.  The installation crew headed by Lenny was outstanding.  They could not have been better.  They even got the thermostat where I wanted it which was no easy task!  This is an old farmhouse built in the late 1880’s and they really made everything fit so well.

Needless to say, we will recommend your company to everyone at the highest level.

Thank you again.

-C.M. & D.M. in Greece, 1/11/2016

“I just want to say how very pleased I am with the services provided by Boccacino Heating & Air Conditioning; from the two gentlemen who came to install my HVAC, to all of the office staff, whom I have talked to, and for the quick resolution for a minor problem I had, which was corrected the same day when I called.

I will definitely recommend Boccacino to anyone looking for a new A/C, heating system or for repairs.

Thank you.”

-A.R. in Gates, 9/1/2020

I want to thank you for all the paperwork you sent along with the rebate forms etc.  Oh my gosh you even registered it all for us.  I had just pulled out the books the guys left and was going to do that over the weekend.

 I can’t say enough about how pleased we are with your company.  From you to the owners to the men who installed our units.  Class act is all I can say, all the way around and I will surely recommend your company to anyone who will ever ask.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy.

 Thank you.

-K.L. in Webster, 7/8/2020

“I was so happy with the wonderful experience I had with your staff through the central air process.  They were professional, neat, timely and knew their product.  It was also refreshing to actually see employees work as a team and treat each other with respect. …

I’ve told so many people how satisfied I am with my new central air from setting up the quote to installation.”

-L.L. in Brighton, 7/20/2018

Thank you for your efficient, knowledgeable, friendly staff that people can rely on to be truthful & to know their stuff when it comes to heating & A/C.

I am telling my 3 bridge groups, 2 poker groups & 3 church groups about the good service I had with you guys & gals.

Thank you.

-J.B. in Fairport, 3/3/2017

Thank you for all your wonderful service.  You guys are number one with me.

I will continue to recommend your company to all my friends.  Specials thanks to Mo, Sara, Gary, and Matt.

Keep up the good work.

-J.L. in Mendon, 2/20/2017

-N.J. in Walworth, Summer 2016
I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the repair service provided by your technician Nick.  He was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and resolved the problem in no time at all.

He also gave me some great pointers for troubleshooting problems in the future.  I would highly recommend your company based on the quality of service and respect I have received.  It is a pleasure to do business with a company which demonstrates what in today’s world feels like old fashioned values.

-M.T.J. in Victor, 10/16/2016

Company with integrity & you can trust.  So happy with install, service, company & prices.  A five star company!!! This is my 2nd house with Boccacino.
-M.S. in Rochester, 7/6/2016

I called this morning at 8 AM because I had no heat. By 9 AM, the service tech was at my house. He explained the problem and showed me what to look for next time. He was patient and informative. Many thanks for the great service!
-J.S. in Henrietta, 2/17/2014

It has been great doing business with you.  We thank you for your patience.  We also thank you for the excellent workmanship.  …  I will always recommend your company to anyone needing the service you provide.
-S.C. in Rochester, 7/3/2013

On 6/1/11 we called your service office for an air conditioner problem.  Gary had been at our house the day before for a similar problem.  When we called the second time Gary found a leak in the line going into the outside compressor.  Since the line was copper brazed into the compressor it looked as though the expensive compressor would have to be replaced which would also involve substantial downtime.  I mentioned that I had a portable oxy-acetylene torch with brazing wire and Gary graciously offered to try brazing the tubing connection.  Gary’s brazing repair worked 100% and after re-charging the system we had a cooling house within minutes.  My wife has respiratory problems in high temperatures and humidity and we were both relieved to be spending a day and night in comfort.
-J.Z. in Penfield, 6/1/11

I wish to express my most sincere thanks to your company for your efficient service, as well as your staff during my recent HVAC problems.  Your staff, Mo, Bill and Dawn were most friendly, informative and professional for regular service as well as in some problems which were taken care of rapidly…


Your firm is most highly recommended!

-B.F. in Webster, 6/8/2013

“I want to thank you and make you aware of the outstanding job your people did for us yesterday.  I had noticed an abnormality with the furnace for a while and was observing it and self diagnosing it (the curse of the engineering mind!).  I was concerned it might be a CO issue, but our detector wasn’t showing anything, possibly because it’s outdated.  So, I called at 2:30 on a Friday afternoon (Valentines Day), on the coldest day of this winter season!  I figured we could get someone here next week.  Sara was terrific and said she could get someone here in about an hour!  Sure enough, Steve was here about 3:30!

Steve quickly went to work and diagnosed the issue as a compromised heat exchanger.  With time being an issue, he got through to one of your guys … and was able to get a replacement heat exchanger 10 minutes before they were due to close.  He then was able to take the time to discuss the issue with us and what he had put in motion.  Being a CO issue, there was only one decision and we were glad he put it into motion. While waiting for the exchanger, he went to work dismantling.  Before long, we had Steve, Rachael, Matt and Randy on it and we were back up and running by 6:30.   Outstanding service!  Please pass on my thanks to them…

A potential more serious CO issue was avoided.  [My wife] and I were still able to make our 7:00 Valentines Day dinner date!”

-B.B. in Rochester, 2/17/2020

“Thank you for passing on my email.  Got a call back right away.  Randy got the furnace fixed and I’ll get an assessment in the fall.  …

Randy is a gem.  He can explain the thought process behind what’s wrong in a complicated system – in a way that a non-technical customer can understand.  Which lets the customer feel confident about the chosen repair while understand that there may be other problems.  That’s a real gift.”

-J.C. in Rochester, 5/23/2018

We just wanted to say that we appreciate the services provided over the past 22 years.  In 1995 you installed a new York heat pump and air handler for us.  It was during a hot summer and we had no A/C then.  The sale guy made sure we did NOT wait weeks (per schedule) because my wife was pregnant – they did it on the next Saturday – at no extra charge!  About a half dozen times since then it needed service.  No issues whatsoever.  Your service (phone and in person) is always responsive and pleasant and reasonable.

We have recommend other to use your services too and will continue to do so.

We knew 22 years was a long time and this spring it died (leaking humidifier fried circuit board), the repair guy worked some time to get it working in the interim until a new unit could be determined and installed.  We only asked Boccacino for estimates.

We worked with Gary via email on new unites and selected one (mixing between the 2 proposed) and it was installed a few weeks ago with a new thermostat, air cleaners and humidifier.  Install was fast, clean and workers pleasant.  Haven’t used a/c yet but still needing to use the heat!!

Anyway, wanted to say thanks for past and present service and appreciate a contractor that is responsible, reasonable and pleasant to deal with.  Hoping for another 22 years with this set up!!

-D.G. in Fairport, 6/5/2017

My husband and I want to than you for sending on of the best crews we have ever worked with.  Nick, Joe and Lenny were fantastic and went above and beoyond.  They were so helpful in answering our questions and extremely professional.
-M&S D. in Fairport, 6/5/2017

I would like to express my appreciation and a well deserved thank you to your company and the individual that responded to our service call the night of March 13th.

In a short time after we placed a call, the individual was at our door.  He was most helpful, very courteous, and very knowledgeable.  As noted on the invoice, there was not a problem with the furnace, but it was with the hot water heater.  The technician completed his job and soon departed.

Again, we are very thankful for sending a very qualified individual.  We appreciate the reasonable cost for services rendered.

In the future, I will use your services provided and would recommend your company to others.
Thank you again, much appreciated.

-R.R. in Fairport, 3/13/2017


Thank you for your help on the phone Wednesday evening.  You were professional & great technically.  Glad it was only the batteries in the thermostat.  You saved me a service call & got us warm for the evening.

Hope the wind storm treated you okay.

Thanks again.

-D.P. in Fairport, 3/11/2017

Furnace needs an inspection, it has been a few years…  It was installed in 1988. For the past 27 years, I have never had a lick of trouble with it...Sticker on the furnace says Michael R. Boccacino. Contacting you because evidently Michael did really good work, and I hope that tradition continues.
-S.E. in Ogden, 9/27/2015

“Thank you for a speedy, neat, clean job.  Your staff are great.”
-S.F. in Rochester, 2/11/2013