Preventative Maintenance has value for systems of all ages.  Energy star recommends  annual maintenance on your HVAC system and the Department of Energy agrees about the importance of maintaining your furnace.  And there are a few good reasons for that:
Prolonged Life.  Replacing your furnace and/or cooling unit is expensive.  And you can’t show it off to your friends once it’s done (unless they are HVAC enthusiasts like us).  Being able to maximize your investment and extend the life of your furnace makes good financial sense.
Improved Performance.  “Fine-tuned engine” is a phrase that needs no explanation.  A clean furnace runs more efficiently, which will lower your energy usage and reduce the amount of wear and tear on your components.
Early Identification of Issues.  Furnaces and other complex machines tend to break down when worked their hardest (think the coldest day of the year or the big Christmas party you’re hosting with the door opening and closing a lot).  I’d much prefer to identify a potential issue that would shut down my furnace on a fall Tuesday afternoon than on the coldest day of the year, or the night of a big gathering at my place.  You can also identity any potential health issues that may be infiltrating your home, such as a cracked heat exchanger or issues with venting that could let the noxious by products of burning a furnace into your home.
Regular maintenance will also maintain your warranty.  You can read of many instances where your warranty could be voided if there isn’t a documented maintenance program in place for your equipment.

We have seen an increase in the number of our customers taking advantage of our Preventative Maintenance Agreement in recent years, as people gain more awareness of the logic behind taking some proactive steps to keeping their home comfortable year round.   Call or email us if you think it might be a good approach for your home.

Take advantage of our Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA).  You can select either one visit (where we will clean & check both heating and cooling systems) or two separate visits (heating in the fall, cooling in the spring).  Signing up for the PMA will help with the life of your system and make sure it’s able to perform at it’s best.  It also comes with the following benefits:

  • 5% discount on all non-warranty parts
  • 10% discount on non-warranty labor
  • Priority service in the event of an emergency

Call 585-454-2120 today to sign up, or  sign up online, and we will call you to set up our first visit.