A Collection of Interesting Things

(HVAC is occasionally interesting)

Are Wi-Fi Thermostats Safe?

I am thankful that we were able to provide a free, in-home estimate for a particular customer.  We were mentioning our promotion for a Wi-Fi thermostat that was free after RG&E rebate with the installation of a new system.  The customer mentioned he was wary of...

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Built to Last

We installed this heat pump when Michael Boccacino was exactly 50 years old. It may look like it’s fallen on hard times, until you consider that Michael would be celebrating his 90th birthday this January if we were blessed enough to still have him with us. We learned...

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In Praise of Simple Machines

I am following up a post on the amazing opportunity presented by technological innovation with something that praises the opposite:  simplicity. Every car owner knows the two scariest words you can get from your mechanic: "it's electrical."  Complexity creates...

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The Power of WiFi

A whole crew spent a  good chunk of the summer of 2014 installing several HVAC systems in a beautiful new home on Canandaigua Lake.  The end result was one of the most beautif ul homes we've ever been a part of.  What followed was one of the coldest and most miserable...

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