Management Team

Karen Falbo


Karen Falbo is the co-owner of Boccacino Heating and CEO.  She has been a part of Boccacino Heating for over 25 years, and is in charge of quotations, financial management and day-to-day operations.  She is the only female owner of a Heating Company in Rochester that we are aware of, and we look at that as a source of pride.  We are a certified Women’s Business Enterprise.  Karen lives in Fairport.

Tom Falbo


Tom Falbo is president of Boccacino Heating.  He is notable in that he loved his father in law enough to go to work with him every day.  Tom has made Boccacino his life for nearly 40 years, and has been instrumental in growing the company to where we are today.  He is in charge of field operations, trouble-shooting complex issues, and pricing jobs.  He lives in Fairport.

TJ Falbo

TJ has worked at Boccacino on and off from the moment it was legal for him to do so, but has been a full-time member of Boccacino Heating since he and his family moved back to Rochester in 2013.  He is involved in day-to-day logistics, and most things related to a computer or the internet.  He lives with his family in Canandaigua – which includes these two adorable faces:

Gary Kubiak

General Manager

Gary Kubiak started with Boccacino Heating more than 30 years ago as an intro level helper, and has, through his intelligence, honesty, and hard work, climbed his way up to Service Manager of Boccacino Heating.  Gary runs the service department and also takes the lead on in-home estimates for Existing System Replacements.  We feel that having someone with Gary’s deep knowledge is invaluable in providing you with an estimate as he can diagnose every situation at a precise level and make sure to find the right fit for each homeowner, rather than forcing you into a one-size-fits-all approach.  Gary lives in East Rochester.

Bart Brundage

Home Energy Manager

Bart handles day to day management of Boccacino Home Energy Specialists, including performing home energy audits, coordinating with the various State and Local agencies, and working with home owners to help them understand the results of their report and their options for moving forward.  He lives in Farmington.

Randy Kase

Service Manager

Randy has broken the mold of Boccacino Heating.  We tend to bring folks into the system when they are young and with little experience, and after we teach them our ways, they last for several decades thereafter.  Randy came to us with more than 5 years experience, and it was clear that we had found a great resource & one we want around for many decades to come.  He is the service manager and juggles his time between managing the work flow of our hectic days and doing significant service work himself.  His experience in the field and his day-to-day continuing to do the work of the service department makes him a great problem solver, and an incredible asset for both our homeowners and our service technicians alike.

Gertie Bacon Falbo

Gertie Bacon Falbo

Office Morale Supervisor and Head of Security

Gertie Bacon has been a mainstay at the office since she joined the family in 2013.  Her primary duties include making sure no one moves her bed, cleaning up any chips we may drop at lunch, forcing a smile out of us even when we’re feeling overwhelmed, and especially keeping an eye out for all threats to the office… actual or perceived.  She lives in Brighton with her mom and dad, and is highly offended by this meme.