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New York is making efficiency easy.

A desire to create more efficient homes and use less energy has led the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to set up a comprehensive program designed to make energy efficiency an easy an attractive proposition for homeowners.  This means that you can get a free home energy audit, with zero obligation.  The state pays us a small amount to go on a fact finding mission to determine the areas of your home that may benefit most from upgrades to improve efficiency.

Once you find out the areas where your home would be best served with improvements, you can decide what will make financial sense for you to pursue.  New York has stepped in again to help make that decision easy.  They offer a 10% reimbursement on all expenses that would fit into the scope of efficiency improvements uncovered by your free home energy audit.

At that point the savings will keep compounding as you watch your energy bills move in the right direction for a change!

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Boccacino Home Energy Specialists, LLC is a BPI Gold Star Certified Contractor.  That is the highest rating available.  Please call to set up your free home energy audit today.



You can learn more about the program by visiting:  nyserda logo

NOTE:  If you are thinking about replacing your furnace, a home energy audit can be a great way to save money on the installation, although it cannot combine with the standard RG&E Rebate.