Geothermal Heat Pump System

With all the talk of wind and solar out there, the neglected reality is that the best renewable energy out there has been sitting underneath your home all along.  Geothermal energy uses the relatively warm earth in the winter to provide heat and relatively cool earth in the summer to provide cooling.  It is the highest efficiency heat and cooling out there, and it tackles the largest energy user in your home (your HVAC system).

While Geothermal is one of the more expensive HVAC systems to install, New York State has taken some of the sting out of it by offering generous tax credits totaling 30% off the cost of installation.  What’s more, if you are installing a geothermal system as a part of new home construction, the cost will be rolled into the mortgage and you will be able to finance a large portion of the expense using extremely favorable interest rates.

Why Choose Boccacino Heating?

  • Your Geothermal System is only as good as the HVAC system that delivers it.  A company that specializes in geothermal heat pumps cannot provide the same level of expertise in designing a duct system that we have built over our 60+ years in new home construction.  This enables your geothermal system to work more efficiently and use less energy to operate.
  • We team with an engineer to design our loop system (the underground portion of your geothermal system), which provides an exceptional outdoor component.  We are only able to offer this level of specialized expertise based on the volume of geothermal jobs we complete, so it’s a unique service we are able to offer.
  • Home builders that have worked with other companies before choosing Boccacino Heating have commented on significant difference that we provide with our best-in-class HVAC system as well as the looping team we’ve chosen.

We experienced a nice twist of fate when Geostar (by Water Furnace), which had been our preferred line for geothermal heat pump systems for years, was acquired by York.  This enabled us to move all of our geothermal under the York umbrella, which allows homeowners to take advantage of York’s favorable warranty program and our significant relationship with the manufacturer.  York offers a very informative site with more information on their geothermal systems here.