Financing with a Home Improvement Credit Line such as the lines we offer can be a great solution for many home owners.  It can often come cheaper than conventional credit card financing, while still enjoying prepayment flexibility. 


We don’t make anything on the Home Improvement lines that we offer, so we have no incentive to steer you in one direction or another.  Because of this, we’ll do our best to help you understand the various options and costs of financing your system.  It’s a part of our commitment to giving you the power to make an informed decision that’s best for you. 


These are the general options for paying for your system.

Certainly the easiest way to pay, if you have the necesarry funds available.  We are able to offer you a discount if you pay in cash because we are able to save the financing costs. 

If you are  exploring the use of financing, this can be the least expensive option in terms of interest and fees.  There are also potential tax benefits as long as you are able to show your accountant that the interest was used for a home improvement (please don’t use your heating man for tax advice!)

Every heating company should have a financing options for you.  There are occassionally promotions that are attractive and great choices, but generally speaking it is just like any other financing vehicle: an opportunity for the financing company to make a profit and a chance for the customer to leave other forms of credit available. 

If you absolutely  love your credit card points, have a really wonderful credit card rate, or can find a promotional interest-free period that will keep your interest costs in check, this could be an option to consider, although it’s likely your most expensive option for the majority of home owners.

If you are considering a Home Improvement Line of Credit….

Financing with Boccacino Heating is provided by synchrony financial.  They are one of the largest such providers in the nation and offer a variety of programs.  You can apply through the link below:

Current Financing Programs


These are only general program outlines and subject to underwriting and approval by financing provider.