Additions to Existing Homes

One thing we’ve noticed lately is that we are getting involved in more and more work on additions.  And when you look at the terrible inconvenience (not to mention cost!) of moving, it’s extremely appealing to think about the benefits of adding to the place where you’ve made all your memories to make it functional for you.

While you may not think about the importance of involving a heating contractor for your addition, consider the potential:

  • Verifying that your existing equipment can handle the additional capacity required by the addition.
  • Understanding the layout of the existing duct system and adding onto it in the most intelligent way to maintain the comfort of the existing space.
  • Having a broad knowledge of the options available to solve the unique situation of your addition (no two are the same, and none are straightforward from an HVAC perspective!)

If you’re going to undertake the expense and excitement of an addition, it’s important to make sure you’ll be comfortable in your new space.