Additional Services

Over our 60+ years in business, Boccacino Heating has grown to offer a variety of surfaces that our homeowners value most.  Here are a selection of additional services we provide.  From reliable standbys to the most innovative products, hot water tanks to WiFi thermostats, please feel free to browse our drop downs and find what might be a fit for you.

WiFi Thermostats

Long ignored in the world of electronics, thermostats finally got their close-up when an engineer grabbed headlines because he left Apple to design the thermostat that was going to change thermostats and founded Nest.  There has since been a significant increase in the number of options out there for “smart” thermostats, from a very simple improvement that doesn’t cost much to upgrade, to the fanciest and smartest thermostats out there.  We are big fans of a straight ahead programmable thermostat, which we’ve done well by over the years, but based on the variety of products and price-points out there in the WiFi space these days, we truly believe that there is something for everyone.  Not sure if it makes sense to go WiFi?  Have a look at this success story we were a part of.  Here are the most popular choices out there today, and a little bit about each:

Ecobee Logo

ecobee3HM_web4The ecobee3 is the newest model released by ecobee, who was en early entrant to the smart thermostat market.  The updates, incorporating modern design, a touch screen, and a remote sensor, which enables you to utilize multiple room inputs into the thermostat’s operation, addressing rooms which that tend to run a little bit hot or cold, but don’t host the thermostat, improve their SmartSi model.  It remains a great thermostat which offers remote access, low-temperature notifications, and a system that will seek to optimize the operation of the system based on your heating/cooling usage.  This is the most common higher-end thermostat that we install, as we feel it is a user friendly option that isn’t too complicated.  We can also obtain the SmartSi thermostat at a slightly lower cost, but it lacks the remote sensor, touchscreen, and updated design.  A good choice for you if: you want modern design, touch screen capability, multiple room inputs, and remote access to your HVAC system.


nest logo

nest productThis is the thermostat that got people thinking about thermostats.  It’s offers a beautiful, modern design, and boasts a learning algorhithm that is designed to take inputs from you to optimize its performance and lower your bills.  It senses your presence or absence in the room and will allow the temperature to lower when no one’s around.  It also offers remote access, and is intended to smooth usage for systems that tend to ‘overshoot’ your temperature target (like a water or steam boiler system with radiators).  Not everyone loves the hands on nature of the Nest, but if you like to tinker, it can be a wonderful option. A good choice for you if:  you like modern design, and are a hands on person with your electronics.


Honeywell Logo

honeywell wifi thermostatAs a large corporate conglomerate, Honeywell has as many different types of smart thermostats as you could ask for.  They are perhaps most known for the Lyric, which was designed to compete with the Nest and ecobee3, and features a geo-fencing component (it senses your cell phone’s location, and once you get within a certain distance of home, it will turn the system on to make sure your house is the desired temperature by the time you walk in).  But their first generation received very mixed reviews, so we are in a ‘wait and see’ mode with that model.  What we love, however, is their simple, no nonsense WiFi thermostat.  A good choice for you if: you want your thermostat to look and act like a traditional thermostat, but you also want to be able to roll over and goose the temperature from bed, or turn the heat up when you land at the airport after being on vacation.



YorktstatYork, our equipment of choice for decades, has been working on innovative thermostats since before most homeowners thought about their thermostats.  They currently offer two WiFi thermostats and a zone-controlled thermostat (which isn’t WiFi capable but can help you balance multiple rooms that tend to be different temperatures – like the ecobee3).  Their Communicating Control thermostat (below, right) is among the best thermostats on the market, enabling multi-zone control, offering quick-heat and quick-cool functionality, and full WiFi capability.  They just released a Touch Screen Thermostat in April (left) that will operate on the same scale as the ecobee3 and Nest.  We will continue to update this section as we learn more about this innovative new product.   york communicating stat

A good choice for you if:  you are taking advantage of the York 10 year parts and labor warranty, as these thermostats will be included under the warranty at no additional cost.

Whole Home Humidier


humidifier3Whole home humidifiers are one of the most common add-ons to forced air systems.  Providing supplemental moisture creates a more comfortable environment in the dry winter months, helps fight dry skin, and even increases the health and longevity of your hardwood floors (the humans in the house aren’t the only ones suffering that dry winter air!).  We have installed Aprilaire Whole Home Humidifiers for years, and are now happy to add a York alternative into the mix that provides the added benefit of falling under their 10 year parts & labor warranty that is included on all system replacements (see our specials).  Learn more at Aprilaire.

Media and Hybrid Air Cleaners

airbearYou can really see the difference between a standard throw away filter, and the significant upgrade you can find with upgrading to a media style or hybrid air cleaner.  The media style air cleaner is a very simple addition to your home, without electronics or other fickle parts that are prone to breaking or excessive wear and tear.  That upgrade is 10x more efficient than what you’re used to with a throwaway filter and can capture up to 98% of airborne partciles!  A hybrid air cleaner combines the best of the media air cleaner with additional power of an electric component that kills will eliminate 99% of allergens and mold particles, and reduce airborne dust by 94%.  This high end upgrade is a good choice for families with allergy issues who will benefit from the cleanest possible air in their home, whereas the standard media is the most cost-effective choice in most situations.  The Trion Air Bear is the leader in this field, and there is also a York option that will fit under the umbrella of the 10 year parts and labor warranty, included in all new home installations (see our specials page).  You can learn more about air cleaners from Trion.

UV Air Cleaner


in ductUltra-violet air cleaners are installed discreetly into the duct system, providing an ultra-violet light that kills bacteria, viruses, and mold, neutralizes odors, and breakdown contaminating elements such as smoke.  These are not extremely common, but we have found that often times when people become aware of the incredible function it provides with such little impact on the overall HVAC system, people have chosen this as an add-on the their system.


Hot Water Tanks

a-o smith h20 tankWe had overlooked the furnace’s next door neighbor for many years.  We started replacing them as our long-time customers were reaching out to us to replace their old tanks.  Over the last few years, it has grown to become one of the major components of our service division.  So you can make us your first call when that water heater starts to go.  The two primary brands we work with are A/O Smith and State, both of which are well respected in the field.

Whole Home Generators

generatorWhole home generators are becoming an increasingly common component to a home’s energy system.  They started out as a relatively rare item to spot beside or behind someone’s home, and we are now noticing an increasing number of them, both on our installation schedules and as we drive around town.  When you consider the power of knowing you’ll never be in the dark, it’s easy to understand just how much this industry has grown over the last several years.  The industry leader, and our brand of choice, is Generac.

Reznor Heaters

reznorA Reznor unit heater is a great solution for garages, work shops, and other areas that get cold weather use.  We like the Reznor units so much, we installed one of these in our own garage.  It is amazing to see how quickly it can warm our garage, even in the cold winter months.  With it’s own venting, you can run it with confidence even with your garage doors closed tight.  Learn more by giving us a call or by clicking over to Reznor.

Appliance Repair

The nice thing about being a mid-sized heating company is that we can be completely flexible about how we run things.  We can take advantage of unique opportunities as they arise.  One such instance is that we are now able to offer appliance repair service.  We just recently had a long-time Boccacino employee rejoin us after running a successful appliance repair business for several years.  So now you can take advantage of working with an established company that has a name you’ve known and trusted in the community for decades, which isn’t always the easiest thing to find in the appliance repair business.