Gas Furnace

Given our climate, a gas furnace is by far the most common HVAC system we install.  Extreme winters force most homeowners to choose the most efficient heat source, which is gas.  The industry has ushered in amazing improvements over the years, and an 80% efficient furnace is effectively becoming a thing of the past.  Our standard install is now 95% efficient furnace.  There are other ways to improve your performance by going

  • Variable speed motor – the motor is not either “On” or “Off”, it can operate at different speeds in order to save energy and smooth the temperature fluctuations in your living space
  • Efficiency up to 98%
  • A two-stage burner enables the system to operate at less than full capacity.  On spring days, fall days, and mild winter days, you can operate at 60% capacity (rather than 100%), which operates more efficiently and also increases comfort by creating a more steady environment and preventing ‘short-cycling’ (system running in short spurts which creates uneven heating).
  • A modultating burner takes the two stage burner to another level.  Rather than offering 60% or 100% operation, the modulating burner can operate between 35%-100%, creating an extremely efficient system and the most even comfort available by consitently maintaining your desired temperature.



Efficiency Graphic

What Does that % Mean?

When we say a furnace is 92% efficient, that means that for every “X” of input, 92% of it goes towards heating your home, and 8% of it will be expelled out the flue as exhaust.

Adding air conditioning to a gas furnace is quite simple.  An indoor condensing coil is mounted on top of the furnace, and connected to the outdoor unit via refrigeration lines.  Gas furnaces can also easily be converted to propane for homes without gas service.

We have been Upstate New York’s largest York dealer for over 20 years.  They have consistently been the industry leader in product quality, and willingness to stand behind their product with a strong warranty, and also accountability.  We maintain an excellent relationship with York, and they have done very well by our homeowners over the years.  To us, this counts.  You can have a look at York’s complete product line at their website.