Call for 24/7 Service – 585-454-2120

In a place like Rochester, anything but 24/7 availability is unacceptable.  That’s one of the reasons we offer it.  The other is that most of our customers have been with us for 10+ years, many have a service technician that they know and ask for when they call, and because of that we are especially uncomfortable leaving you in the cold.  So rest assured, once the office shuts down, the answering service is standing by and we’ll always be there for you.

Don’t forget about the other end of service.  Just like you wouldn’t go the entire life of your car without an oil change, it’s not advisable to neglect the other most important mechanical system in your life.  Annual check-ups and tune-ups can extend the life of your system or catch a future big problem while it’s still just a little problem. Learn more here.